About Us

 Punters Wardrobe is a newly designed custom horse racing apparel store that was made for keen racing fans! Punters wardrobe is 100% Australian owned. Our goal for Punters Wardrobe is to supply quality and affordable clothing while getting a sense of pride while wearing. We aim to represent everybody's favourite horse and jockey in the great game!



The first memories of Horse Racing for myself stretch all the way back to when I was 5 years old in Kindergarten. Our teacher kept all us back after the bell had rung and rolled out those old Big, Box TVs. We all sat there with our legs crossed waiting in anticipation to watch “The most important race on the Australian calendar”, The Melbourne Cup.

From that day, I was infatuated with The Melbourne Cup and for years to come begged my mum to allow me to wag school on this day. Luckily, I was very convincing, and my mum obliged on many occasions to let me skip the day, go have lunch, place a few bets and watch the race where my love all started!

Over a decade on, my love of the sport was reignited through a major life setback. I was lost in life and felt as though I had nowhere to go. Fortunately, all my main loves of sports, mathematics and predicting outcomes clashed and now my life is devoted to studying horse racing.

I have always had a love for fashion being a creative person myself and I thought it would be cool to one day have my own clothing line. Luckily, once again 2 main interests of mine have clashed here with Punters Wardrobe being a horse racing clothing line.

I cannot wait to get stuck right into things!